Everything Now

My prayers lately have been focusing on that MAGNITUDE of God. The enormity of Him. Remembering that to the God who keeps all of the planets spinning in orbit, and aligned and tilted just perfectly, can certainly handle the bumps and surprises in my life. When I go too far in thinking about the magnitude, … [Read more…]

The Mind of an Artist . . .

              My mind is never quiet- never still . . . A hundred observations and thoughts swirl about in an elaborate dance that leaves me exhausted and ready to take the images I see and craft them into poetry. But the train of thought is an elusive, temperamental beast- … [Read more…]

When BOLD means driving to the top of a mountain

There were twelve of us crowded into luxurious leather couches, leaning close to hear the wisdom, love and inspiration that oozed out of Christa Wells and Nicole Witt.  Both ladies are established songwriters and performers, and when they pair up in song, chill bumps are always included. In November, a single facebook post got the … [Read more…]